Sunday, March 22, 2009

Schools In!

It's been a long time coming! I'd apologize for not updating, but well, until now no one was reading it, maybe because I wasn't updating it, oh vicious cycles.

So, almost at the half way point with school, and have learned a lot more in three months than I thought was possible, but it isn't. I will now be starting to update tis blog with designs/images/random photo's/photoshopped wonders and anything else my little heart desires as time allows, and as I have the time to do it.

I imagine that once the end of June hits and school is done, I'll be sitting in a slow daze for a bit, and at that point in time will probably turn my attention to something like this blog, in the meantime these haphazard updates are the best I can offer.

It's weird to be in my early thirties and finally feel like my life not only has a direction, but a productive and healthy one. I spent a lot of time just existing and getting by. In the last year I have taken a number of risks and all have paid off more than the risk ever was.

I'm happy, and for the most part, have no major issues going on. I wish I had a little more flow in the wallet, but, for virtually free schooling, I don't mind having to tighten up a lot, it's well worth it.

Looking forward to the weather warming up so that I can get out and start taking some pictures that aren't all wintry and dreary. I'm thinking about an art idea involving hugs and photo's, but we'll see how that ends up in time.

For now, I'm just happy creating something new each and every day, I'm very grateful to be living the life I am right now. I have an amazing soulmate, great friends, and people who embrace and celebrate my weirdness.

These are a couple of snowboard designs I whipped up in illustrator as part fo my final for that program. I tried to keep the designs simple, but effective.

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Ang said...

Can I be in a hug photo?Pleassssseeee!